Walk Bike Tampa was founded in the summer of 2015 by two residents of the City of Tampa, Hannah Strom and Jackie Toledo, who met at a local transportation meeting and shared their concerns for bicycle and pedestrian safety. Together, they decided that Tampa needed a citizens-based advocacy group focused on promoting connected bicycle routes, safe routes for cyclists and pedestrians throughout the city, and pedestrian-friendly streets. 

They quickly discovered that there were many other people just as passionate about creating a safe Tampa. They also discovered that safe infrastructure for pedestrians and cyclists was a community value shared across political, generational, and socioeconomic lines. Today, Walk Bike Tampa has an nine-person board and a very active executive committee that are working with other community groups and political leaders to make Tampa a walkable, bikeable, and livable city.


Christine Acosta, Executive Director

  • Through her companies Pedal Power Promoters and Tampa Bike Valet, Christine is working to change the culture of cycling through public, private, and philanthropic partnerships.  A 30-year Tampa resident, Christine has experienced safe, fun bicycling as her preferred mode of transportation in many cities around the world, including Paris, Milan, Brussels, Geneva, Montreal, and New York. She is a founding member of Walk Bike Tampa.


Jackie Toledo, President, Board of Directors

  • Jackie Toledo is a professional engineer, small business owner, wife, and mother. A product of Tampa’s public schools, Jackie graduated from Gaither High School and was awarded an academic engineering scholarship to the University of South Florida from the Latino Scholarship program. In 2000, Jackie received her degree in civil engineering from USF and decided to stay in Tampa so she could give back to the community that had given her so much.
  • Recognized as a professional traffic operations engineer (PTOE) and the recipient of the 2002 Florida State Institute of Transportation's Engineer of the Year, Jackie has made great strides in her field and has a unique perspective on solving Tampa’s infrastructure and transportation challenges.
  • In 2010, Jackie opened up her own business, a children’s performing arts program, Tampa Creative Camps (TCC), which focuses on building self-confidence in children through the arts and teaching life skills to prepare children for new opportunities in life. Though Jackie takes great pride in her professional successes and community involvement, her biggest joy is raising her five children with her husband Jose.

Catherine Durkin Robinson, Board Vice President

  • Catherine co-parents twin sons and works full time as a community organizer.  She is also a freelance writer and triathlete.  Call her at 813.453.4274.

Kevin O'Hare - Communications Director

  • Kevin O'Hare is a student at the University of Tampa and has extensive experience with neighborhood advocacy organizations. Kevin is also a board member of Connect Tampa Bay, a mass-transit advocacy group. He has been a resident of Hillsborough County all his life. He is a strong advocate for a urbanist vision of Tampa and Hillsborough County, walkability, and the promotion of his hometown.