Walk Bike Tampa, Inc. exists and thrives through the participation of its members. Below is a list of the general membership:

  • Paul Abercrombie

  • Christine Acosta

  • Maureen Ayral

  • Susan Bingham

  • Paulie Campbell

  • William Clark

  • Phil Compton

  • Brian Cook

  • Elizabeth Corwin

  • Kimberlee DeBosier

  • Catherine Durkin Robinson

  • Candi Dutschke

  • Kimberly Eversole

  • Jon Flaherty

  • Joshua Frank

  • Moises Hernandez

  • Valerie Jones

  • Karen Kress

  • Don Kruse

  • Margaret Kubilins

  • Chad Lane

  • Heidi Magin

  • Jill McSpadden

  • Donald Morrison

  • Vanessa Neal

  • Kevin O'Hara

  • R. Eric Pages

  • Michelle Pisciotti

  • Sandy Ray

  • Thomas Reinhart

  • Linda Saul-Sena

  • Jackie Toledo

  • Colette Vann

  • Hannah Wanebo Strom

  • Justin Willits

  • Meg Whitmer

  • Shawn Yuskaitis

  • Jeffrey Zampitella

  • Ginny Zimmerman

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General Membership

Walk Bike Tampa, Inc. is actively recruiting new members. To further that goal, we are excited to announce a raffle for two FLEX cruiser bikes (estimated value $630.00) donated by our sponsor, Outspokin Bicycles of Tampa. And between now and Monday, December 10th, every new member that joins Walk Bike Tampa online will receive five (5) free raffle tickets (a $20.00 value). Become a member of Walk Bike Tampa online today for only $25.00 and help support our non-profit’s work to create a safer and more enjoyable Tampa for walking and biking. Raffle tickets for new members can be picked up at the mayoral forum on December 11th.We will also process new memberships onsite. The raffle winner must be present to win. Please send a message through the message prompt and you can pay your membership fee through our PayPay button at the bottom of the page. 

Walk Bike Tampa, Inc. All Rights Reserved. 2018. 

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